Click on a sculpture for details St. Kosma and St. Damian St. Vitus St. Philip Benicius St. Cajetan St. Augustine St. Judas Thaddeus St. Anthony of Padua St. John of Nepomuk Sts. Norbert, Wenceslas and Sigismond St. John the Baptist St. Cyril and St. Method St. Anna Statuary of St. Cross – Calvary St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Dominique St. Bernard Lesser Town Bridge Tower St. Wenceslas Statuary of St. John of Matha, St. Felix of Valois and St. Ivan St. Adalbert St. Luitgarda St. Nicolas of Tolentino St. Vincent of Ferrara and St. Procope St. Francis Seraphic St. Ludmila St. Francis Borgias St. Christopher St. Francis Xaverius St. Joseph Pieta St. Barbara, St. Margaret and St. Elizabeth St. Ivo Old Town Bridge Tower