St. Vincent of Ferrara and St. Procope

The original by Ferdinand Max Brokoff from 1712

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The statue stands on a high pedestal decorated with the busts of a Turk, a Jew and Satan, who symbolize the powers proselytised to Christianity, which St. Vincent was famous for. According to a legend St. Procope, one of the first Czech patrons and the first abbot of Sázava Monastery, ridged up a Devil’s furrow with a devil in plough. To the left of the statuary is St. Vincent in the Dominican vestment reviving a corpse, to the right then St. Procope in the abbot vestment standing on a devil. The relief of the pedestal shows the Great Assize and St. Procope’s ploughing.

On the crest of the main Bridge pier under the statuary of St. Vincent of Ferrara and St. Procope stands the statue of Brunswick, who was the Czech King according to legends.