St. John of Nepomuk

The original from 1683

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The Viennese sculptor Mathias Rauchmüller formed a clay sketch of the statue, Jan Brokoff then made a wooden model in 1682 and finally Wolfgang Jeroným Heroldt the bronze casting in Nuremberg in 1683.

The sculpture traditionally envisages the saint as a bearded canon with a starry gloriole, with a martyr’s palm and a cross in his hand. The figure stands on a tripartite pedestal, in which three bronze-cast plates with scenes of Queen Sophia’s confession and saint’s throwing-out into the Vltava river are imbedded. The inscription says that the statue was placed on the Bridge on the occasion of the three hundredth anniversary of the John of Nepomuk’s martyrdom. It is the oldest statue on the Charles Bridge.