Bridge Towers

Lesser Town Bridge Tower

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The Lesser Town Bridge Towers are architecturally simpler than the Old Town Bridge Tower, they have a fortification character and they lack its ostentatious sculptural decoration. The smaller tower originates from the Romanesque bridgehead from the period of Wenceslas I. Lowered after fire in 1310 it was reconstructed and decorated with the Renaissance front. The taller tower comes from the 15th century from the period of Jiří of Poděbrady. This tower, however, has three niches for statues in both eastern and western fronts on the second floor, but they are empty and have probably never been filled. Both towers are connected with a lancet of the gate decorated with the emblems of King Wenceslas IV. – the Luxemburg, Czech and Moravian Emblems towards the Bridge and the Wratislaw, Czech and Lower Lusatia Emblems towards the Lesser Town.

Old Town Bridge Tower